Clavicle Hook Locked Plate (Left & Right)
 Clavicle Hook Locked Plate (Left & Right)

Clavicle Hook Locked Plate (Left & Right)


Clavicle Hook plate provides a single solution for fixation of lateral clavicle fracture and dislocation of acromioclavicular joint. Through a standard surgical incision plate is fixed by taking care of not to disrupt the surrounding soft tissues and exposing the outermost part of clavicle, the fracture site, and acromioclavicular joint.

Screw option: 3.0mm /4.0mm Cortex Locked Screw

Suitable for Lateral Clavicle Fractures
Screw 3.0mm/4.0mm
PROFILE 5.5MM/21.0MM/11.0MM X 3.0MM
HOLES 2 Hole to 20 Hole
CORTEX LOCKED SCREW 4.0MM/3.0mm 10.0MM TO 40.0MM (DIFF. 2.0MM)


hole left Right
hole CAT. No. S.S. CAT. No. TIT. CAT. No. S.S. CAT. No. TIT.
02 S23.SS00401 S23.TIT00401 S23.SS00408 S23.TIT00408
03 S23.SS00402 S23.TIT00402 S23.SS00409 S23.TIT00409
04 S23.SS00403 S23.TIT00403 S23.SS00410 S23.TIT00410
05 S23.SS00404 S23.TIT00404 S23.SS00411 S23.TIT00411
06 S23.SS00405 S23.TIT00405 S23.SS00412 S23.TIT00412
07 S23.SS00406 S23.TIT00406 S23.SS00413 S23.TIT00413
08 S23.SS00407 S23.TIT00407 S23.SS00414 S23.TIT00414
09 S23.SS20828 S23.TIT20828 S23.SS20831 S23.TIT20831
10 S23.SS28949 S23.TIT28949 S23.SS28965 S23.TIT28965
11 S23.SS28950 S23.TIT28950 S23.SS28966 S23.TIT28966
12 S23.SS28951 S23.TIT28951 S23.SS28967 S23.TIT28967
13 S23.SS28952 S23.TIT28952 S23.SS28968 S23.TIT28968
14 S23.SS28953 S23.TIT28953 S23.SS28969 S23.TIT28969
15 S23.SS28954 S23.TIT28954 S23.SS28970 S23.TIT28970
16 S23.SS28955 S23.TIT28955 S23.SS28971 S23.TIT28971
17 S23.SS28956 S23.TIT28956 S23.SS28972 S23.TIT28972
18 S23.SS28957 S23.TIT28957 S23.SS28973 S23.TIT28973
19 S23.SS28958 S23.TIT28958 S23.SS28974 S23.TIT28974
20 S23.SS28959 S23.TIT28959 S23.SS28975 S23.TIT28975

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