New Antegrade Femur Nail(Long, Right)
 New Antegrade Femur Nail(Long, Right)

New Antegrade Femur Nail(Long, Right)


Suitable for Proximal & Shaft Femur Fracture
Locking Bolt Ø 5.0mm & 6.4mm
Nail Diameter Ø 9.0mm, 10.0mm, 11.0mm, 12.0mm
Nail Length 320.0mm to 440.0mm (Diff. 20.0mm)
Proximal Bolt Dia 6.4mm 75.0mm to 130.0mm (Diff. 5.0mm)
Proximal & Distal Bolt Dia 5.0mm 20.0mm to 76.0mm (Diff. 2.0mm)
Material Stainless Steel 316L / 316LVM / Titanium

DIA 9.0MM 10.MM 11.0MM 12.0MM
LENGTH CAT. No. S.S. CAT. No. TIT. CAT. No. S.S. CAT. No. TIT. CAT. No. S.S. CAT. No. TIT. CAT. No. S.S. CAT. No. TIT.
320MM SP05.SS10351 SP05.TIT10351 SP05.SS10367 SP05.TIT10367 SP05.SS10383 SP05.TIT10383 SP05.SS10399 SP05.TIT10399
340MM SP05.SS10352 SP05.TIT10352 SP05.SS10368 SP05.TIT10368 SP05.SS10384 SP05.TIT10384 SP05.SS10400 SP05.TIT10400
360MM SP05.SS10353 SP05.TIT10353 SP05.SS10369 SP05.TIT10369 SP05.SS10385 SP05.TIT10385 SP05.SS10401 SP05.TIT10401
380MM SP05.SS10354 SP05.TIT10354 SP05.SS10370 SP05.TIT10370 SP05.SS10386 SP05.TIT10386 SP05.SS10402 SP05.TIT10402
400MM SP05.SS10355 SP05.TIT10355 SP05.SS10371 SP05.TIT10371 SP05.SS10387 SP05.TIT10387 SP05.SS10403 SP05.TIT10403
420MM SP05.SS10356 SP05.TIT10356 SP05.SS10372 SP05.TIT10372 SP05.SS10388 SP05.TIT10388 SP05.SS10405 SP05.TIT10405
440MM SP05.SS10357 SP05.TIT10357 SP05.SS10373 SP05.TIT10373 SP05.SS10389 SP05.TIT10389 SP05.SS10404 SP05.TIT10404

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